Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Side Effects

Its the start of week 2 of Nanowrimo. The words are adding up day by day, the story is emerging, and the characters are evolving. It's amazing and challenging and fun.
And super hard work.
Which makes me think of all the other work I need to do. Like dishes, laundry, and as a responsible pet owner its my duty to love on my pets. When all that is done, I'm ready. But wait, no. There's something else that needs to be done. I'm sure of it.
Ah, yes. That gym membership I have. I've been meaning to use it.
There is a possibility, slight though it may be, that I procrastinate. But, as a result I've done more running in the last week than I did in the prior month combined. I won't say I love running because that would be a falsehood. But, I do love that feeling you get when you finish. Like you can do anything. Like the world is your treadmill and you can take at any speed you like. It definitely gives me more oomph for writing.
I'm pretty sure the movement helps me process, too. So, while my muscles gets stretched and strengthened, my mind gets a creative work out. It makes me remember why I bought the membership in the first place--fitness feels good.
Today I'm grateful for the gym and endorphins, for my story, and for the strange connection between mind and body so that I can justify my time working out as brainstorming.

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