Thursday, April 4, 2013

Renegade Pants

This week saw me, the boys, and Dante the Charcoal Impala in OKC for Easter and work. Both went fine, but it felt good last night at 9:30 when we rolled to a stop at home. I did lug the boys and then my suitcase up two flights of stairs, but I did almost nothing else as far as unpacking/preparing for today.

Which was fine until this morning, as I scrambled to get ready on time and realized I didn't know what I had that was work appropriate and clean. As I twisted my hair into a knot I mentally shuffled through my options of cleanish clothes to assemble the most reasonable option. Unfortunately they were more ish than clean, it looked like my only choices were a dress or jeans. The heavy duty shoes I planned to wear to this manufacturing facility wouldn't exactly work with my dress, and jeans would be far across the casual line for work.

I made one last, semi-hopeful search through my closet for something to jump out and say, "wear me!" No clothing talked to me, but as I shoved aside unfit clothing, I found a quiet pair of black pants, clean and wrinkle free, ready to save the day.  They'd been hiding out for the last, oh, I don't know how long, and I'd forgotten I had them. And they're a pair I like, too! Needless to say I won't lose them again. Well, at least not any time soon. I threw a sweater on and wasn't even late as I left.

Today I'm thankful for renegade clean pants, and for casual Fridays so I can put off doing laundry at least one more day.


  1. Ha. Been there. The little black dress and the wrinkle-free black pants-wardrobe essentials. :)