Thursday, November 21, 2013

I bless the rains down in Aaaafricaaa

That ridge in the background is my knuckle.
There are some wonderful things about the changing of the seasons. Scarves, soup, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, and vegan green bean casserole to name a few.

However, as with anything there are some things that don't make the list. For some reason, when fall/winter hits, skin gets...dry doesn't cover it. Have you ever seen one of those nature shows, where the camera pans across a desert, so completely dry that the earth has cracked until it looks like a really boring, really difficult puzzle? Think that, minus cacti.

The same thing happens when I fly, and as I've flown to and from cold places this week, I've been considering using the back of my hand on dishes instead of a Brillo pad.

Which is why I'm grateful for lotion. It smells like coconut--I know, seasonally incorrect--and it shimmers and most importantly, it falls like a warm rain on the Serengeti of my winter hands.  Now I won't have to worry about snagging shirts or causing rug burn during handshakes.

Me: 1
Winter: 0

Thank you, Jesus, for lotion and whoever first thought of scenting it. Thank you for fall and yes, even winter, and that along with sandpaper hands, it also brings fireplaces fires, green bean casserole, tights, and best of Christmas. All my love.


  1. I wear coconut all year round because it makes me happy. Go Coconut!

  2. I like that, Lisa, it makes me happy too. Go coconut indeed!

  3. I hear ya! When I fly, I walk into the airport looking, well, the best I can, and after a few hours on the flight, I look the withering witch when the spell is broken who ages 50 years in a matter of seconds.

  4. LOL, I don't buy that, Mumsy. But it's probably the closest we'll get to empathizing with a raisin.