Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Four inches of fruit. Oh, yeah.

You know how there are those Shoe People who have a special closet just for their heels and organize them by heel height, brand and color?

Well, I've never thought of myself as a shoe person. But then I opened my closet and a chorus-line of pumps screamed, "Liar!" I guess leaving them in a heap instead of organizing them doesn't excuse me.

So, I admit it. I do like shoes. I just don't like paying a lot for them. My ideal shoes are adorable, well made, and reasonable. Recently I came upon a new brand that are (in a squealy voice) soooo cuuuuute! And reasonable, too. (Shout out Pin Up Couture!)
Jellybean likes them too! Though he prefers to sit beside
them. Buckley wants to taste them, which is why he's been
chased out of the photo op.

Well, a pair just came in and even trying them on with cargo pants in the living room I am instantly four inches taller and feel two points more attractive. Flats are great, and more comfortable, sure. But they don't make you runway strut to check the empty fridge to see if anything has materialized. Heels literally lifts your spirits.

I do believe the best things in life require effort and persistence. But you can only persist on so many fronts at the same time. Sometimes, you need a new perspective on your efforts, and four-inch heels can provide just that.

It's nice to have things in life that make you feel good about yourself. Things that are easy wins.  For me that is lipstick and shoes. And so, today, I'm thankful for my new shoes with cherries on them. For the good people of Pin Up Couture who thought, "Cherries and bows. Yes." And for the fact that we ladies get to wear heels.

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