Thursday, October 21, 2010

Say Cheese

I'm in this "new to town" group at church and was asked to bring some pictures of the people in my life. I am not that girl who totes a Nikon and documents every other moment. Most of my facebook pics have been shot by others, and I have only about four photos up in my apartment...for now.

As I dug through my computer files of pictures, memories came flooding back of the truly special events in life. What had been another day in a string of days became a portal to some of the most splendid moments of my life. All through pictures.

I am all about finding little joys in each and every day, and for me, today, that little joy was a reminder of the big fatty joys. Images of Cambodia, Rome, DC, my niece, friends' weddings, Turkey Trotting, graduating, dinner parties, making weird faces with my sibs...

All the memories tend to go sepia over time. They blend into the background and I forget to dust them off and look. But with pictures, not just the scene, but the emotion, the feel, and the importance of that instant are relivable. And it makes life bigger than just today.

Thank you, God, for my cybershot, for the smart people who invented color photos, and for all those moments worth capturing. May I be ever alert for more.

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