Monday, November 22, 2010


I am working my way westward to Oklahoma City today to see the family for Thanksgiving. This means Dirk the Blue Impala and I get seven hours of quality time today. Dirk is already loaded up and riding a little bit lower than normal. He's got my red suitcase that could easily hold a small country in the trunk, two computers, and enough Monsters to wake Lazarus. Again.

One of the reasons I like road trips is the ability to bring way more clothing than even the highest maintenance diva would use on a tour around the world.
And the aforementioned supply of Monster. Were I flying, I would have had to consider each article, choose separates that could be combined into multiple outfits, and squirted all my liquids into 3 oz. containers. But with Dirk, I just turned on a Christmas movie and tossed stuff at my suitcase until it was full.

I am rather hard pressed to think of a deeper spiritual justification for cramming the Impala with quantities of stuff that will probably come back unused. But here goes: God is big enough for all our baggage! And then some! And then some more!

While Dirk has a massive trunk, even he reaches capacity at some point. I haven't found that point yet, but as he's bound by the laws of physics, I know it's out there. But God invented physics, and He's bigger than a trunk. And not only does He want me to cart my luggage to him, but he'll carry it for me.

Dearest Lord, thank you that I am never too nuts for you. That my baggage, both real and imagined, is safe within your hands. That you are ripped and so my stuff is never too heavy for your broad shoulders. All my love!

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