Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi ho, Hi ho

Yesterday I wrote about timing, which I think made God raise one eyebrow. I mentioned that we get paid by time, which for salaried folks is only somewhat accurate. But, since I work from home, I'm accountable for a set amount of account-hours per year so they can be sure I'm not watching As The Days Of our General Lives Turn and eating Dilly bars.
Due to a number of factors, including a life-changing trip to Cambodia, a relocation to the great state of Arkansas, and a few writing related ventures, as well as two weeks becoming a person-of-greater-value to my organization....you get the idea.
Even though I spent the rest of the year working like a fairytale dwarf, I was looking at a solid week of work including a half-hearted attempt on Christmas Eve, and then a semi-solid next week. Which was kind of the pits since I like to take some recoup time at the end of the year and focus for a few days on celebrating the birth of our Lord.
Then today, voila...by the magic of system bugs, my time had been reporting short. About a week short. Which means, (insert drumroll) as soon as I get my current projects wrapped up I'm free as a Christmas....gift. (what else is free at Christmas? Cheer?)
So, hats off to the Big Guy, who proved the point that He alone is master of time and that He is most generous with it.


  1. You went to Cambodia?! Oh you so should have told me. My parents live there!

  2. no way! that is so awesome. I'm going back in May!