Monday, December 20, 2010

Three...Two...One...Happy New-Comet!

So, I was reading the Christmas story in Matthew. It's kinda sad to me that it's only two chapters in that book, but, it was a good two chapters once I got past the genealogies. I especially was thrilled by the part about the star and the wise men. I am not an expert at space and it's moving parts, but I've heard smarter people speculate that it was a comet. It could also be a supernova, or a special star built just for Jesus's birth. I mean, some people name stars for loved ones, why couldn't God build one? All the same, my money's on a comet. If I get to Heaven and learn I'm wrong, I'll be okay with that.

So, I got to thinking, when did God make that comet and nudge it into it's path? Ten years early? A hundred? A thousand? Was there a launch party? Did the angels count down like New Year's? I bet they did.

And then....time....passed....and passed...and passed some more.
Until finally the day arrived, Mary had her first angst-ridden contraction, and hours later baby Jesus took his inaugural breath of the air he made.

And the star shone.

They say timing is everything. And in a lot of ways that even they don't understand, I think it's true.
There's a very good chance I'm projecting my own short and long term concern on the Christmas story, I'm just surprised I didn't do this earlier. (It wasn't time I guess. Okay, that was lame...) Our world, particularly the Western bits, are driven by this intangible, uncontrollable force. We get paid based on time, we eat when it's time, we get jobs because it's time, and some of us get married or have babies because its time.

It makes sense. We only get a certain amount to do our living in.

The frustrating part is when things don't happen when we want them to.

Boy, in times like this...I mean, times like that, I'm glad that God knows the exact moment to set the comet hurling through space. Or send me here or there, or even call me home. Being unbound by it gives him the only really good perspective on this thing we call time. So, I don't have to stress about it, not that it helps much anyway. God has got it.

Thanks, God, for Jesus, for the star, or comet, or supernova, or whatever. For the way everything came together perfectly the night Christ was born, a tiny baby already worthy of worship and gifts and devotion. Thank you that through his whole life and mine, you worked all things for the good of those who love you, even the ugly parts.

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