Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving...

A clean kitchen floor sounds like a small thing. And it is, unless you've spent two days walking around on vinyl just tacky enough to make your toes not want to let go when you walk.
Ick is right. But, that's what happens when you spill ham drippings and try to wipe it up with a paper towel. And if the hungry embrace of the floor wasn't gross enough, knowing that the stick factor is caused by little ham fat cells that have adhered to your foot makes it downright abhorrent.
Thus, I'm grateful for a freshly mopped floor. That's right. I busted out my dollar store sponge mop, filled the sink with Armstrong suds, and gave it the old once over. Replaced that ham grease with elbow grease! (yes, yes, I do realize how cheesy that sounds.)
The sad truth is that if this afternoon hadn't been rain-soaked and unwelcoming I probably would still be wearing socks on every trip to the fridge. But now I've not only got barefeet-friendly kitchen and bathroom floors, but a fully vacuumed apartment!
So, I'm grateful for rainy days, for sponge-mops, and that I don't have occasion to cook a ham again any time soon.

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