Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soul Sistas

Tonight I sat in a chapel, surrounded almost entirely by people wearing yellow.
No, I didn't miss the memo, I was at a community corrections facility (that means jail for the non-scary offenders.) I was a guest with a friend of mine who participated in leading a women's Bible study there.
It was the last night, and after nibbling on crazy amounts of homemade sweets, we sat down as those who wanted to share told what they'd heard God speak to them about their mission in life.
As one woman from the back made her way up, I noticed a shift of movement behind me. Her whole small group stood up in solidarity as she spoke. It wasn't fancy, but it was heartfelt and true and holy unto the Lord.
In that instant I was washed in the joy of holy sisterhood. I, a new girl on the last night, was welcomed right in. And I applauded with the rest after each story and song. One woman turned her back to us and faced the cross as her shaky voice carried a song across the pews, and her girls, all 70 of us, had her back as she sang unto the Lord. It was precious and pure. I could just see Jesus sitting there, whooping and cheering with the rest of us, rubbing heads, pulling his girls into tight hugs, laughing with joy and hope. God was one of the girls tonight and it was fabulous.
Don't get me wrong, I think men are great. I'd like to get one of my own some day. But there's something so joyous about a bunch of girlfriends sharing together. If we all know Jesus, sweet. But even if we don't, that element of God that he's signed on the feminine soul makes for a beautiful story when women get together in friendship.
I didn't know what to expect when we rolled through the tall fences, but that sort of loving support wasn't it. And I came away so blessed and refreshed.
Thank you, my Jesus, for girlfriends and that unique relationship we can share. Thank you for tonight, for letting me see the hearts you're touching in Pine Bluff. All my love.

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  1. What a blessing, to share worship in such unexpected places.