Thursday, July 21, 2011

Synthetic Wonderfulness

I have six copies of the same shirt. Well, not exactly the same, they're in different colors. But I got them all from the GAP for $6. And if that weren't reason enough to stock up, they're made of rayon.
I might name my firstborn Rayon. The stuff is like comfort and freedom and joy all stitched together to form a festive, eye-catching shirt. I love how soft and light it is. It doesn't force its presence on you, in fact, you barely feel it unless you want to. But oh, you want to. And it hangs gentle over your shoulders--it isn't stiff and unbending, trying to impose its form. No, it takes the form on which its placed and smooths it, makes it more graceful.
And, it can be washed at home. Low maintenance! I buy $6 shirts, so you can imagine how painful it is to re-buy an outfit every time you get it dry-cleaned.
So, here's to rayon. May we all take a lesson from the queen of fabrics.
Thank you, God, for synthetics and the scientists who fashion them, for brilliant colors--like scarlet, peacock green, amethyst, peach, cobalt, and onyx--and for the little things in life that serve as reminders of the big things and magnify my appreciation for them.

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