Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A case of the Heavies

Do you ever have those days when it seems like the world keeps sitting on your head, and by sundown you're a few inches shorter?
Me too. Yesterday was not the finest of my professional life.  It certainly wasn't the worst, but it was difficult.  And there was a personal element of challenge as well.
And I didn't have any chocolate ice cream nearby to share the burden with. Just a bottle of water. Water is not a good way to drown sorrows, just so you know. 
So, since I couldn't bury my troubles under a pint of Phish Food, I took them to Jesus. Its not an original concept and yet somehow it always seems novel when I get to the point of truly casting my cares upon His big ol' shoulders. I know God loves me. I know He's really the only One with the power to do much about a lot of what concerns me, and yet still I have this fear that my cares will slide down His broad back and get dumped somewhere and no one will be tending them. Then where would I be?
So yesterday, I chugged some water, grimaced, then heaped my cares on Jesus.  He took them and in return gave me peace. Not the overwhelming, "I've officially solved your problems as of...now," kind of peace, but the "I've got this, dear. Trust me," kind.
About twenty minutes later I began to worry my cares had fallen and I should go collect them. So I went back to Jesus and there they were, still propped on his shoulder, as He and I cruised with Dirk the Blue Impala through Oklahoma. And since we were on the road, it didn't take long before I had nothing better to do than try and collect worries.  But, when I checked yet again, Jesus still had them. He gave me more peace and He didn't roll his eyes or say, "Geesh, I created the known and unknown universe. I can handle your piddly career, already, not to mention the rest of your junk. Back. Off." Or,  "You want your worries so badly? You take them, then. See if they make better company on your drive. I'll meet you in Stillwater." No, he just reassured me and we kept on driving.
Which made me realize this morning how grateful I am that Jesus is patient.  I mean, He is awesome in countless ways. I will never fully get it on this planet because there's just too much about Him to glorify, and that thought itself is stirring.
But even on the days when I don't give Him credit for all that I know Him to be, on the days when doubts creep in, or when worry tries to become my master, even then He is patient, gentle, and with me. Thank you, Oh Lord for your graciousness. For your strong shoulders and your willingness to take on them the burdens that bend my spine. Thank you for doing so out of love. Not obligation, not pity, but your patient, endless love for me. Your grace astounds.  All my love.

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