Monday, October 3, 2011

Peanut take a leap

My name is Kimberly. Not Kim, Kimberly.  Most people I know get this and don't abbreviate. And if someone slips up, I don't go all Irish-temper on them, I just suck it up.  Even if a little part of me dies. Ahem.
But there is one person who always mispronounces my name and I LOVE it.  It must be noted she doesn't call me Kim, and though I haven't asked her to spell it, I would think if she did it would be something like Kemerlee.  But when my niece comes flying at the door because she saw me through the window shouting, "Kemerlee!  Kemerlee!" at the top of her tiny lungs, well, I'm ready to officially change my name.
This is Peanut during my recent visit when we watched Angelina Ballerina and then she performed a highly technical solo involving much twirling and soccer-kicks (new to the dance world, they look like they sound).

In a world where performance is rewarded, and rightly so, it's nice to have someone in your life who doesn't care if you're hair looks nice, if you are the smartest cookie in the whole Oreo box, if your love for coffee might have toed across the line toward an addiction....she just comes tearing across the living room and hurls herself into your arms because she wants to be close to you. And if it were possible to love her any more, in that moment you would just explode with all the warm sweet affection in the world.
Those moments always make me wonder at how vast is God's love for us. I mean, its hard for me to comprehend a love more vibrant than I have for Peanut, and she's my niece, not even my own offspring, and I'm most definitely not perfect.  So that means God's love for me, His baby girl, must be even more thick and bright than my love for her.  Kind of makes me want to tear across the room, arms extended and launch myself at Him.
Thank you, Jesus, for your perfect love, and that although I will never fully comprehend it's vastness, you give me new and fresh glimpses of it and of You, in the sunset, in a song, and in the precious weight of Peanut in my arms. And thank you for spell check since I am incapable of spelling niece right.  All my love!

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