Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dirk gets fresh

Recently when I arrived at the office, Dirk the Blue Impala was pulling in next to a red Tacoma. Dirk took a liking to it and thought he'd give it a little, um, kiss.
On the wheel well. 
Unfortunately, his attentions were not well received and both vehicles lost a little paint in the ensuing scuffle.
Since Dirk was at fault, we had to make right with the red Tacoma. And Dirk himself spend a week healing at a body shop.
Aside from the fact that I got to spend a week in the pleasurable company of Charlie the Charger, a fringe benefit to Dirk's little encounter was that, for the what may be the first time this calendar year, Dirk got a bath.
That's right. The body shop got a dusty, scraped up Impala, and sent home a sparkling, scrape-free Impala. I'd forgotten that his paint sparkles when its clean.
So, while I'm not pleased that Dirk was in a curfuffle, it's ended up quite nicely.
It's kind of like how God takes the ugly in our lives, and when we surrender that to Him, He can bring about blessings that wouldn't have otherwise bloomed.  Would it have been better for us to avoid sins? Of course! But one of the coolest things about God is that He can take fundamentally wrong things and even through them bring about His glory and our good. It's not natural. It's supernatural.
Thank you, God, for how you take the ugly and draw from it beautiful. Thank you for Dirk and that he's well and clean, and for Charlie and the lovely week we spent cruising the Arkansan countryside.
All my love.

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