Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I'm grateful for a good many things, but one most of all.
I was reminded recently that God is love. No, that doesn't quite capture it.
God is LOVE.
This morning he whispered it. While I felt a little battered and cried and left snot stains on the shoulder of his robe, He said, "Hon, you just look at me. I LOVE you. And you love me. No one else is a part of this thing, so don't let their words distract you from what you and I have."
So true.
I worship the God who so LOVED the world that He sent us sweet Jesus.
I worship a Savior whose blood is the purest thing this planet ever experienced, and by that sacrifice, all debts were satisfied.
I worship a Lord who is patient and long suffering and gentle. Whose heart breaks at the tragedy He sees. He doesn't want to see anyone die and longs for all of us.
I worship a King who never gives up. He is the Grandest Chess Master, who will have victory no matter what dark schemes Evil cooks up.
This Almighty, He came close today. He lifted off the burden I carried. Then he sent me a river of comfort and joy in the form of dear friends I got to talk with, an impromptu visit from my sis to look forward to, and...wait for it....
I got published!
okay, it wasn't my novel, it was an article in the Association of Retired Ministers and Missionaries, but still.
He is good. He is God. He is LOVE.
I can rest in that.
Heck, I can revel in that.
In fact, I think I will.

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  1. I nurtured and cared for His dear child and had many little snot stains on my shoulders over the years. I'm so blessed to know your relationship with Him is deeply personal and He fills all those places no one else can fill.