Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh my Sole

Imagine the color gunmetal gray, only sparkly. Like Dolly Parton's six-shooter. That is the exact color of my toenails...and the only part of me that resembles anything Dolly.
My sister and I had a girls' night out on Tuesday, which started at Luxury Nails. Two nice people offered us drinks, and then went about pampering our feet while we sipped and chatted. I stopped chatting when they did the massage bit because it felt so good my words quit working properly. But, other than that we talked and laughed and tried not to squirm when they pumiced the bottoms our soles.
By the time we left, Courtney's toes were a glossy cherry red, and mine were the aforementioned shimmery silver. But, more than just our toes were more colorful when we pulled the little foam separators free and put on our shoes.
There's something about the occasional pampering that makes your soul a little prettier, too. It's a reminder that you're worth being looked after, that you can sit and relax, and let someone else take over. And then you feel pretty--and it doesn't require any pain or effort. 
You just feel special.
I think Heaven will be a lot like this. We'll feel like we're meant to feel--the way Jesus sees us always. As much as we want to be better people, our efforts are stilted at best, and massive, nuclear failures at worst. But God, He's the one with the ability to make us pretty. He calls us to sit back, and relax and chat with him, while he gets to work making us fancier on the inside.
I mean, Jesus even gave the disciples a pedicure of sorts before the last supper, so we must be on to something.
Well, given the current weather, I'm still the only one who has enjoyed my pretty toenails. But it was worth it. Not only did I get that taste of pure enjoyment, but now every time I take off my shoes, I get another little injection of that feeling.
Thank you, Jesus, for the nice people at Luxury Nails, the scientific geniuses at OPI who came up with this killer color, for sisters and girls' nights, and for that reminder that all is well and that when it comes to making me fancy, you do all the work and my job is just to sit back and enjoy the experience. All my love.

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