Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Many Thanks

I have been in one of those phases where life is good, but its either too big or too small to mention. It's a quandary I don't face a lot, so I'm not entirely sure how to deal with it.
So here's my shot. I've decided to lift some of the things I'm grateful for. It is not comprehensive, but it's where I find myself. If you have something to add, please, please do!

People who leave comments on blogs (ahem...)
A stack of fresh novels from well-worn authors
Dried pears
Ladies night
Friends who will share their burdens and mine
Being able to see prayer working
Six more knitted inches of scarf
40% off coupons for Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby
Disposable Income
Jellybean and the Buckster
My Laptop
Vacation plans
A 401k, or what is left of it. Yes, I'm grateful. I'm choosing to be.
People who leave comments (hint hint!!!)
A work out buddy
Those precious moments when I really, truly hear God
Wireless Internet
Toilet paper
The auto-save feature on blogs
Salvation in this life and in the life to come
Warriors for Justice (shout out to International Justice Mission! whoot-whoot!)
Yoga pants
Big sweatshirts
Dirk The Blue Impala
A fireplace and those insta-fire logs
My pillow
The Bible
Starbucks new blonde roast...sigh...
Automatic litter boxes
Toenail polish
Downton Abbey
Writing friends who get what its' like to mentally be in two places at once
Peace...the Heavenly kind and the earthly kind, both

I will stop there for now. Wait, did I mention people who leave comments? Oh, I did?  Okay, I'm just saying...


  1. One of the things I'm thankful for is your blog! I love your honesty, optimism, and humor.

  2. Aw, Susan, you're a dear! I'm thankful for you!!

  3. Good pick me up; I'm thankful for:
    -a precious daughter that calls me almost daily and shares a laugh or two.
    -a husband that gets my goofy side
    -a hot bubble bath
    -a flip-on fireplace
    -a home that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer
    -I will not go hungry in the foreseeable future.
    -a car that gets me where I want to go
    -that I can worship without fear
    -the peace in knowing my family knows and serves the Lord.
    -For a heavenly Father that made a way for mankind to become His family and His patient, loving kindness to me.

  4. Great list, Kimberly. Many things on your list would be on mine too(Well, I don't know about Dirk...but I'll take your word). -And make mine a grande vanilla latte. I'd add: color, fresh paints and sharp pencils, my digital camera, cell phones, the 'mute' button on the remote, seat warmers in my Jeep, cat's toes, horse's noses, the man in the moon, a foot massage, movie popcorn and entertaining, talented, super-nice writers like yourself, that I've had the pleasure of getting acquainted with over the past couple of years.
    --Oh, and did I mention people who join/comment on- my blog? ;) (www.painterspen.blogspot.com)

  5. Amen, Mumsy, Amen.

    Julie, I'm liking your list! I'm totally with you on foot massages, too!

  6. keep up the great work Kim! miss you, hugs.

  7. Gary! Thanks, man! It's great to hear from you :-)

  8. After reading your post I decided I must watch Downton Abbey. And I can now say that I have seen them all and am in love. My internal monologue is currently using a British accent.

  9. Mikki, that is hillarious! I love it. My internal monologue isn't very cultured. But if anything could convince it to be, it would be Downton Abbey!