Monday, February 13, 2012

Wait, wait, wait. You want to do what with the snow?

This morning, Little Rock saw our first snow of the season. It tried once right before Christmas, but at best that was wintry mix. This was for-real snow and it lasted through the morning.
About ten a.m. I got a text from my sister that said, "snow."
I almost laughed. Not because it's a funny sounding word--but it is--rather, because I knew what I was supposed to text back. So, I hit reply, and typed, "I want to wash my hands, my face, my hair in snow."
"Really," you ask. "That's insanity. Pure, goose-bumpy, insanity."
And you're right. I don't actually want to wash any parts of me in any precipitation, especially the frozen kind. But if you've ever seen White Christmas, you may recall a scene on a train where Bing Crosby and three other grown adults grin like school kids high on glue and sing in each others faces about what hygienic purposes they've found for snow.
It. Is. Hilarious.
So, when my sister texts me snow, my mind spins back to decorating my Christmas tree with her and another good friend, and laughing our heads off at Bing and the gang.
There are a number of actions/words/quotes that spark a memory with friends and make me want to laugh right out loud. Like, "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" Or when Nat and I paw the air to the left, or any quote from Zoolander.
Okay I'll stop now. But I love those. They draw all the warmth of friendship and memory and pure fun. And when it snows on your parade, or work is slightly less fun than a visit to the lady doctor, or the world just sits on your head and farts, those unexpected memories are rays of truth that this too shall pass. Whenever the world gets up and the air clears, there will be more belly laughs to come.
I have a lot of those fun memory-moments with God, too.  Only, he doesn't send me text messages or emoticons, or movie quotes, so I don't always remember. A dear friend recently brought this to my attention. She recommended making a reminder to myself of all the times he's come through, of the moments when he's just stunned me with who he is and his love, and of the brilliant truths he's given as gifts.
The Israelites set up memorial stones, so they could look back later, and say, "See that stack of rocks? That was when God protected us from those guys with the really long name."
I have limited real estate, and a limited supply of rocks, so I think I'll go with a list for now. But I will do it. He's done so much, nay, He IS so much. I don't want to forget and miss out on that.
So, I'm thankful for God Almighty. I'm thankful that he is, am I thankful he's good. I'm thankful for all the little gifts he's given me lately, for a new scarf, a Christmas ornament, a sweet card, a Valentine, a phone call, a coffee date. I'm thankful for almost twenty-five years of faithful relationship. And I'm thankful for texts that just say, "snow."