Monday, February 27, 2012

Going Dancing with Dirk

Do you ever turn on the TV just to drown out the quiet of an empty apartment? Do you catch yourself explaining social norms to household pets? Or providing commentary on a movie to the decorative pillows?
Me too. (Unless you're backing away slowly right now, then I have never done those things either. I just have this friend who does.)
I've gotten to spend a lot of time with people I love lately which has been so amazing. I would have enjoyed it even if we weren't doing anything exciting. Just cooking, talking, making fun of The Bachelor, and walking are more fun with buddies. But we've been touring libraries of Congress, having parties, hitting the town, and even going down bouncy castle slides seven at a time.
Then I came home.
Today had the potential for the post-party glums. It could have been one of those days when you resent the week ahead just for being. You don't bother doing your hair and then feel like a slob all day. When fun seems like a drug and you have a bad case of withdrawals.
It could have been one of those days, but it wasn't because I got to do one of my favorite solitary activities. I put on my shades, rolled down Dirk's windows, and played with the warm wind rushing by as we sailed past the posted speed limit--er, I mean as we respectfully observed all traffic regulations. It was just me and Dirk rocking out to the musical stylings of Needtobreathe. Like most guys, he just kind of rolls in one direction, but I make up for it by breaking it down with some mad car-dance, I mean, by driving safely with my hands at ten and two while thinking jazzy thoughts.
The best part? All this went down today. In February.
It was an unexpected lovely moment, doing one of the few things in life that is best solo. Instead of the glummies, I was simple happy, which can be the best kind.
Thank you, Jesus, for so many friends in so many places and for airplanes to carry me to them. Thank you for email and cell phones to keep in touch, for bouncy castles that they let grown ups use, for hitch-free parties. Thank you for 70 degrees in February and for music with a good beat to enjoy with the windows down.

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  1. I'm glad you've had such lovely days lately and made lovely days of the ones not destine to be such.