Monday, March 5, 2012


You know how you think you're out of cereal, then you find just enough for breakfast one last morning? Or when you find a wadded up five dollar bill in a jacket pocket from last season? Or there is card in your wallet that you forgot about, and it still has some money on it?
Well, I have that feeling.
I recently was visiting some girlfriends, and over brunch we started talking about how much we all love Downton Abbey. (Shout out to PBS!)
I was mourning the brevity of the seasons, particularly season one, which was only FOUR episodes. Even at an hour a piece, that is sadly brief. Like a petit four. I don't get those things. I need at least a petit twelve to be satisfied.
At any rate, I found out during the conversation that there were two versions of season one. Gasp. While there are only four episodes in the American version, there are seven--count them, SEVEN--in the British version!
So, tonight, I'm grateful for an unexpected THREE additional episodes of the best British drama since Shakespeare.


  1. Oh my gosh you poor things only got four episodes of S1? That's awful - I was so grumpy when we only got seven! Do you get all of S2?

  2. We do, Kara, we do! But I hear I need to watch the Brittish story for the real and my budget are in discussion right now about how to make that happen :-)