Monday, March 26, 2012

Fluid Moments

So, I was going to be grateful for the love of domestic animals today. My cats missed me so much this weekend that they felt the need to express through physical acts. I found puke and poop on the carpet and pee in the fireplace. 
Then I thought about being grateful that humans don't express emotions through these types of bodily emissions.

But really, it was eighty today. I spent the afternoon in the papassan with Famega white wine and Rachel Hauck's new book, The Wedding Dress.  The woman puts in words all those stirrings you feel in your soul but don't have the courage to express. 

So this, the experience of this stretch of time, that is what I find myself thanking God for today. For Rachel's crazy talent, and her heart-stirring story, for the press of warm sun on my skin tempered by sweet crisp white on my tongue. And for the watchful, fluid-free gaze of my sweet kitties from the window.

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