Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Lazy.

It has been a very long Wednesday. Verrrry Looong. Just today I've been to Broken Arrow, Bixby, Fort Gibson, and Fayetteville. I spent some quality time on back roads, a good part of that behind a semi flashing hazards. I lost cell service more than once. Now I know how the pioneers felt.  Okay, not really--I didn't have to shoot rabbits or ford the river--but still.

When at long last I got to the Hampton Inn, I remembered that one of my fave shows, So You Think You Can Dance, is on Wednesdays. There is cable here so I got to watch it live instead of waiting a month to see it on Hulu!

I ate pita chips for dinner while watching other people perform athletic feats with grace and style. Sometimes a little lazy just hits the spot.

I'm grateful for cable, for Hampton's clean duvet policy, and that I have at least 10 hours before I have to put on shoes so me and Dirk can hit the road again. Maybe my butt-print will have disappeared from the seat by then. Maybe.

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