Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Blessings in Big Packages

So, I have to brag on God a little. Last week he flexed his muscles in Santa Lucia, Guatemala.  I want to rehash all that he did, but I will get really long winded. So if you want to read what an extravagant, mighty, freakin' cool, relational God we serve, check out Lead Guatemala.


But, as life would have it, today I'm in Chicago for work.  My poor cats think we're getting a divorce and I'm letting them keep the house.  I didn't have any time to chill and bask in the warmth of what God did before my job came running to meet me.

I returned with fear that I would let the precious time between me and Jesus become a memory instead of a new way of life.  I prayed earnestly this morning against my own forgetfulness and the allure of soulless things.

And this afternoon I met Rawshad.  He is roughly the size of a refrigerator, and he's going to be a computer engineer in the medical field. He's already been accepted to Marquette for the fall, and when I told him I would pray for him, his whole face lit up, and he thanked me.  It was a small thing but it was a moment when I saw a chance to serve God, to commune with him on behalf of another.  It wasn't a big thing. It was rather small. But you know what? It made my day so much brighter.

It was a reminder that God is everywhere at all times. I read a psalm about that today, number 139 to be exact .  God is moving powerfully in the women of Santa Lucia, Guatemala. And he's just as mighty amid the bustle of the Chicago streets. I walked away from Rawshad praying for him, and praying thanks for the reminder that I don't need to be wearing missionary skirts to revel in God. The only thing I need to keep hold of this holy shift I got to see and experience is to seek Him and seek his glory.

Thank you, Lord, for a mighty week. For letting me see you work. For the heart you have for women and for all the oppressed.  For Rawshad.  Bless him in his pursuits and draw him to you.  All my love!

PS. I think it would be just awesome if y'all prayed for Rawshad too. He'll never know what hit him!


  1. I love this post. I am pretty sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again.. I love your heart! I love how you love God. And I'm maybe just a little bit jealous.

  2. Thanks, girl, you're sweet! And right back at you :-)