Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minnie Me

The queen of the night cactus flower blooms only one night per year. There will be two solar eclipses in North America this year, and only one next year. Halley's comet passes once every 76 years or so.
All these are rare events which makes the experience so special. But there's another one. An experience so rare that it is considered a myth, or wishful thinking by many.
Today, ladies and gents, I had that experience.  I had....(drumroll)....a skinny day.  Yes, you read that right.

I'm not talking about non-fat days. We all have those. I'm talking about an, "I ate breakfast and got dressed and suffered through the funhouse effect of the elevator at work, and I still feel thin" day.  I felt so good I think I was two points nicer on a ten point scale. I had to do a self-evaluation for work, and no I didn't put "thin" as one of my achievements, but typing it up wasn't as painful as normal because sister was looking good doing it.

I've blogged before about the inconsistency of perception, and how often, even if a day should start off with you working your stuff, all of a sudden you look at the mirror and its like the magic blub fairies came and deposited pounds on your hips while their cousins, the oily nymphs, were shining your face.
On days like that I cling to the knowledge that peeing can not physically make me gain weight, and that the wild swings are more a mental than physical reality.

But today, I felt awesome all day.  And, while I know tomorrow my psyche might try and make up for lost times by pinning an invisible Wide Load sign to my butt, today we walked--nay, we sashayed-- around feeling mighty fine, if I do say so myself.

I'm still glad perception is not reality and that I'm not really smaller today than I was yesterday. But, I'm grateful for the great day anyway.


  1. No wonder you had such a great day, your blub fairies and oily nymphs joined mine for the day. . . I didn't even bother getting dressed!

  2. I guess you were glad to give them back today then :-)