Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Blueberry versus the Kroger

About three weeks ago Dirk the Blue Impala and I were turning left, when a gray minivan didn't notice the red light in front of them.  It wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.  I escaped injury free, however, Dirk's left rear door was kind of mangled.  Well, I called my insurance and two weeks after that, they finally said I could take Dirk in for repairs.

On the way to the Enterprise for my temporary ride, I'll admit I prayed for another Charger. Those things are so fine.  Instead, I got a Taurus.  Not just any Taurus, a tricked out Taurus in an electric shade of blue.  It's like driving a blueberry with a cockpit.  I love it while I'm inside, but every time I climb out I feel the need to explain to those nearby that I didn't buy a car that bright.

Anyway, one of the many cool features of the Blueberry is one of those back up cams that lets you see what your taillights do, and beeps if it thinks you're being a bit optimistic about the turning radius.  I have a hard time trusting this technology. It just seems too...I don't know, easy.  So when I was about to back out of my Kroger spot and the little bell started dinging away--even though I could see nary a car or shopper from the window-- I almost ignored it. I had to fight the urge to gun the engine a bit and show the bell who's boss.  But instead, I put it in park and climbed out into the heat to check.

And lo and behold, a cart had snuck behind the Blueberry and positioned itself in a prime spot to claim injury and file a lawsuit.  I was so relieved because, what with an unusual rash of accidents (only a few of which are my fault,) I've been branded a high risk driver by my company. The nerve! And if I'd taken out a shopping cart, as wily as it may be, my track record would be further tarnished.

Then tonight, I was again at Kroger, again pulling out of my spot, when the bell went nuts.  I stopped, looked over my shoulder and this time it was no cart. It was an actual car.  A regular size car that had slithered into my blind spot when I wasn't looking.  Needless to say, I no longer curse the bell and camera system.  In fact, it's a huge blessing.  Neither of the Chargers I have had the pleasure of renting had back-up cams.  If I'd gotten my first pick, I would have felt very cool until I made impact.

If it had been Dirk and I in those parking lot situations, its safe to say that at least one incident would have resulted in a scratch.  But the Blueberry is the kind of safety I've needed this week. Too bright to hit, and too smart to let me hit other things.  Timing is everything, they say, and I am so grateful to be blessed with a rental this week, when I needed it. And not any rental, but one that is very very smart.

Thank you, Jesus, for protection!  For safety even in car accidents, and also for stopping me from having them to begin with.  Thank you for the Blueberry and the fun it is to sit in a black leather seat that cools your tush.  Thank you for a company car at all.  Please, let me see you in my days. Let me hear your warnings fervently.  Be too bright blue for me to miss.

All my love.

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  1. I also thank God for the Blueberry and whatever method He chooses to keep you safe.