Monday, October 15, 2012

Roller Thingies

Although merely foundlings with unknown parentage, I think Jellybean and Buckley are handsome.  Buckley is gold and white and Jellybean is black and white.  Their hair is soft and bright and in these adorable patterns.

That same hair, when adhered to my person is not at all adorable, and seeing as its Jellybean’s goal to rub against everything, and Buckley’s to sit on everything, this happens a lot. They play king of the hill only with clothes.

Thus today I’m grateful for the little sticky roller thingy that I use daily to de-hair. It keeps my reputation as a cat lady somewhat in check, prevents other people’s allergies from activating at proximity, and lets the black I so love to wear actually look black instead of mottled gray.

Thanks, Lord, for whoever thought to put the tape roll inside out on a handle, probably someone at 3M, for Jellybean and the Buckster and that they’re at least short-hairs, and for all those clothes that I have in my closet to de-hair.  All my love.

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