Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Accidentally Fashionable

Trendy is not my middle name. At best I could probably claim Occasionally Fashionable.  I love sale racks way too much to ever be on the cutting edge of trends, and as for hair styles? Well, my hair grows  almost as fast as an oak tree. So it is that six years after my I-should-dye-my-hair phase, I still have have resuscitated hair brushing my shoulders. I am forever grateful to Angie, who didn't cry when I showed up with had gone from scarlet to wine and asked her to make me a blonde again. It took four hours and a significant financial investment, but she put me back to rights. I learned my lesson.

Since then, I haven't done any coloring at all, mostly because I was afraid my tortured hair would finally give up on me and fall off. Which means, I have this great line where Angie's highlighted masterpiece ends and my own mid-brown begins. 

The red days.
Enter this year's most genius trend. A lady complimented me on my hair and I thought she was being either subtly sarcastic or really sympathetic until I discovered (drumroll) Ombre!  It turns out people are actually dying their hair to get that nearly-grown-out look that I've achieved through six years of waiting! Instead of walking around feeling like a doof, I'm actually--dare I say it?--trendy!

The purple/black days. What can I
So, today I'm grateful that the timing worked out. That what was a consequence has become a badge of style. I'm grateful for all kind people at GMA and my friends who keep me apprised of what latest style is, and definitely for the chemical wizards who perfected hair color and highlights. And still I'm grateful for Angie, so I'm not swinging around town with mid-brown hair fading to dark purple. Though now that i mention it, that could be fun too....


  1. Kimberly, did you ever consider you may have started the Ombre' trend? I think it's entirely possible.

    You go girl.

  2. I DIDN'T! I'm choosing to believe it's true now, though. Love it, Anne.