Friday, January 14, 2011


Little Rock sits at longitude 34 degrees North and the temperature is right at forty today. And yet, I'm enjoying a fresh-chopped avocado from Mexico. This little fruit (yes, technically it is a fruit) has travelled farther than many of my neighbors have ever ventured. And boy am I glad.

I love fruit and have a modest affection for some vegetables, and have recently developed a habit of strolling the produce section of the fancy Kroger. It amazes me that you can get kumquats, blood oranges, kiwis, purple cauliflower, fresh cilantro, dried seaweed, and crabapples right here in Little Rock.

So, here's to the farmers in Mexico and Chile and the good ol' US of A who work so hard. Here's to the pilots who fly them in and the truckers pullin' the long haul. And to the stockboys. Can't forget the stockboys, who line them up in pretty rows.

Last but not least, here's to a God who wasn't content with just apples and bananas.

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