Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have said before that while I love being new places, I don't so much like getting there. Last week I left Monday at an ungodly hour and flew to Chicago for the week. Much as I love that city, I wasn't about to walk around in six degree weather to enjoy it. I got back late Friday (this is my lame excuse for not keeping up with my blog) and left early Saturday for OKC.
Being in Chicago wasn't bad, aside from the fact that my ears, fingers, toes, and nose just defrosted yesterday, and OKC was great because I got to celebrate my niece's birthday.
But, this little tour has made me so grateful for airplane travel. I flew to Chicago in about the same time I drove to OKC. My traveler spirit would be hard-pressed to endure car trips everywhere, or, God forbid, horse buggies.
Thank you, Lord, for physics and technology and the Wright brothers, and Delta. Thank you for places to go and fast ways to get there.
All my love.

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