Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hats off to God

God and I did something big together recently. Well, big for me. I will not say what because its fun having a secret with the Almighty and also because I don't want to risk my heavenly reward...just being honest.
But, it was seriously cool. I feel like we bonded over the experience.
And today, we celebrated.
I supplied a frozen yogurt that was way too big and God brought the gifts.
Namely, he supplied killer weather. Since I was outside for a good portion of the afternoon, the fifty degrees he set up and cerulean sky were a total blessing. He also supplied extra free time to spend on pursuits he's given me. And if that weren't enough, he sent me a sweet lady with words of encouragement that were a fire to my spirit.
Here's the thing about living for God. When I actually do it, it's more addictive than cheese dip. And it doesn't make my tummy hurt. Nay, living for God--living this life as I was created to--is like breathing fresh air after burning the rubber belt on the vacuum. It's so sweet you actually feel it flow through your bloodstream.
I want to always live like this. Free. Whole. Right.
Thank you, God, for enabling us, your children, to live for you. I know as twisted as I am that without your help I couldn't please you. So thank you for your help. And thank you for big things you call us to do and the absolute thrill when we get to experience your life running through our veins. Guard my heart, mind, soul, and body that I may dwell in your presence more tomorrow than today, and ever more after that. All my love!

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