Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flavor attack!

Shout out to everyone who likes to grocery shop.
Of all the taking-care-of-business chores on my list, stocking the kitchen is my favorite. And of all the places I go do to do this, I always consider it a treat to go to Fresh Market.
The place is set up like a Disney version of a French marketplace, complete with classical music, overpriced chocolate, and lots of bulk items.
Among these are cashews. And if that weren't good enough, wasabi cashews. Whoever came up with that combo, bravo. You took one of the best nuts and kicked it up a level.
Wasabi is the kung fu warrior of spiciness. It looks all laid back, that cheerful green, as innocuous as a blade of grass. And for about half a second it tastes pretty innocent.
Then, BAM.
With a tonal shrieks it pounces on your tastebuds and doesn't stop hacking until it's shimmied clear up your nasal passages.
It's even fun to say.
Makes ya smile, huh?
I think the Japanese get credit for the thrilling spice. So, arigato. Not just for introducing this fierce flavor to the world, but also for giving it such a splendid name.

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