Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I heart Gillette

I had a conversation today about the tradition of shaving legs.
Don't ask.
I am totally pro-shaving...but in winter, lets just say my routine is less stringent. Why? Because I know it can only get bad to a point and then level off. While hair on our heads can grow as long as protein and patience allows, body hair stops at a preordained length.
Go ahead and gag a little as you imagine the ramifications if this weren't true. We'd all be walking Cousin Its. Or it could go the other way, and our little heads and faces would get cold with a thin coat of fuzz.
I love that God, who imagined galaxies and flowers and love, is in the details. Even the hairy ones (um, totally lame, I know, but it was right there.) And Praise his name forever that he is!
Thank you, God, that I live in the era of the disposable razor and that it does the job. Thank you that you thought of things like the fact that long hair is best worn on the head, so I don't have to buy stock in pruning shears. I'm sure there's a better reason for it, but I'm just glad because it looks better. All my love!

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