Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dam, that's big

After much travel, I am happy to be home and regaining my routine. (note: this is my lame excuse for not updating recently.) Tonight for the first time in two weeks I met my walking buddy at the Big Dam Bridge.
I have a love/hate relationship with the Big Dam Bridge. I love its name. The seven year-old Sunday schooler inside me snickers when I say it or type it. Big Dam Bridge. Hehe!
I hate the part where I have to huff and puff up the world's longest pedestrian bridge hill.
I love the feeling when I'm done and my glutes let me know I've burned a few calories.
I hate the sticky sweaty thing that comes from exercise out-of-doors in air that is remarkably similar to bath water. It's called the Dirty South for a reason.
I love that it's often dotted with people walking different speeds, sharing a moment with a friend or pounding out a few miles to the rhythm of their ipod. I love that it's a diverse meeting point and for a moment, I share a smile or a nod or just a sister-in-sweaty-arms relationship with people I wouldn't normally meet.I love that even in the hard parts, me and my buddy end up laughing and talking between wheezes. And I love that I can look back and see what I've accomplished, one step at a time.
I hate that the bugs are there and the parks people are against spraying down the whole river with pesticides.
Overall, it's a fabulous routine that I look forward to. And while that catchy song touts "Life is a highway," sometimes I think life is a big dam bridge. While time to time that love/hate thing snags me up, by and large I'm grateful for it. And for one stolid reminder of why.
Okay, and for Off! bug spray.

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