Monday, June 6, 2011

In the shadow of Thy wing

I was driving around to do errands today and I got a whiff of
My first thought was maybe I'd parked by something smelly, or my nose was playing a practical joke. But a few times between errands I'd hop into my car and get that niggle of wrongness.
Hours passed.
And then tonight on my way to my last appointment, I realized what the smell was.
Rot. Or more specifically, the kitchen trash I'd put in the trunk to dump on my way out and forgot to drop off. Trash that had been enclosed in my trunk on a ninety-seven degree day.
All. Day.
You would think given that environment, I'd be keeled over the steering wheel in a parking lot somewhere. I should be.
But, as it would happen I got parking spots in the shade in almost every place I went today. Which just goes to show, God has our back. When something is off and we don't know what it is or how to fix it, He does. And he'll park us in the shade until we are in a place to open up ourselves to Him and get rid of that trash.
Thank you, God, for shady spots.

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