Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baubles, bands, and, uh, bpolish

So, there are certain times when all the aspects of your person cooperate. Hair falls in delicious waves, nails grow strong and crack-free, skin is soft as a baby's tush, eyes sparkle and lips pout. It all
This is not one of those times for me. It's a season of causing babies to cry and dogs to bark.
I'm having a bad hair month, and the rest of me isn't being particularly cooperative either.
It is times like this that I'm so grateful for earrings. Big ones.
So what if I scare myself in the morning? I have these lovely earrings, so just look at those. They hang at least three inches and swing a little. Since the human eye tracks motion they make a great diversion. They're shiny and intricate, pretty without trying.
And my hair...what hair? See this beautiful ribbon headband? Focus on that and ignore the mass of broom straw knotted at the back of my head. That's what I do.
I'm pretty sure the first magician was a woman who thought, "Hey, this misdirection thing is pretty cool. I bet it would work for other stuff, too."
I don't know if anyone consciously thought up the concept of accessories. Probably Eve just picked a flower, stuck it in her hair and waited for Adam to notice and comment. But, however the trend was started, I'm grateful it did.
Thank you, Jesus, for big earrings, headbands, necklaces, and nail polish. And that you aren't repelled, even on the "eek" days.

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