Monday, August 1, 2011


I had a conversation a few weeks ago with some folks who were trying to tell me about the mother god. According to them, God the Father/Son/Spirit is less Trinity than three names for a unity. And there is a single verse buried in the end of Revelation that refers to the Bride of Christ, only this time it's not the church, its a mother god.
So we had a rousing conversation about various passages in Scripture. I don't think I convinced them that there is one true God and politely declined to attend their Bible study.
It broke my heart. And overflowed it.
It is agonizing to talk with souls and know they're led astray. I don't often have conversations with people of other faiths about what I believe--I share that as a confession. So this interaction, seeing two closed minds and one baffled heart, just tore open a yearning in me to help them see this great and wonderful God we serve.
That's the part that overflowed my heart. I didn't understand how someone could read the Bible, the Bible, and come away so dissatisfied with God that they had to invent another deity just to feel religiously mollified. I think they must not really have ever experienced God at all.
To know God is to be overcome. Overwhelmed. Awed. Wonderstruck. He is the first and the last, the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. He is Creator, Physician, Provider, Redeemer.
A God who made man in His image. And when man wasn't content with that and strove to obtain more power, more knowledge, my God let us...and then SAVED us. He takes all the ugly that evil would smear across His children and from that, He draws glory.
That is unnatural. That is supernatural.
That is too big for a finite mind to contain.
Talking with people who are so woefully blind to God that they must invent new beings...I yearn for them to see Him. Really see Him.
And I yearn for the same thing for myself. Even though I know my Lord and He is dear to me, how often do I quit seeing Him? How often is His infinite glory just "not enough?" How often do I put idols of pleasure or distraction, or even my pitiful self in front of Him?
My God, I am reminded of you. I see you. I long for you. Thank you for stirring my heart, for letting me know you, for hearing me and letting me hear you. For using this wee little life for your glory. Oh, Lord, let me not squander it. Draw me near to you. Thank you for the wake up call. Please draw the three hearts who came to my house to you. And may I long for you more tomorrow than ever before.

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