Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am currently taking a course on the written test for Certified Crane Operators. Thrilling, no?  On top of that, it is in Kansas. Being from Arkansas, I'm not in much position to judge other states...except maybe Alabama. But still, if I'm going to travel, I'd like it to be to Seattle, Chicago, New York, or Hawaii. But it's not.

And yet, today was a wonderful day, because got to see a dear friend today who moved away from Little Rock last fall. Ann is one of those people who just makes you smile and be happy. I have missed her a lot but hanging out reminded me how great she is. And also, that we are still friends, even if our zip codes vary quite a bit.

This year has not been a "oh-my-gosh-everything-is-going-my-way-so-I'm-going-to-break-out-in-song" kind of year. It has been pretty hard. But every month from February until now I've gotten to see loved ones in far away places. This is not normal. I don't usually travel that much on weekend trips.  Yet, God knew that in the midst of the trials we were facing, I'd need to be reminded. My world is bigger than the here and now. My friends span farther than my current town. My love stretches beyond state lines and even borders, and so does the love coming to me. And God? He's doing something big. And if I listen closely enough, he'll tell me what my part in all of it is. Oh yeah, and that the God of the Universe knew I'd need some extra TLC and arrange for two weddings, a shower, three birthdays, and even crane training to go down during this season.

Jesus, thank you for Ann and for CCO training in Overland Park, KS. Thank you for this season and for being with me even when I couldn't see, feel, or hear you. Thank you for Charles and Natalie and Courtney and Autumn and Grace, and for the joyful weekends you've given me along the Eastern Seaboard.  You are so generous, so faithful, so loving, so good.

All my love.

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