Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dirk the Blue--and White--Impoola

Poor Dirk the Blue Impala has been cruising around with bird poo on his hood and windshield frame for too long. It's embarrassing for us both. I try to park where no one will see me get out of the car, and I don't make eye contact at stoplights.
If you know me, you're not totally surprised. When it comes to my car, I'm not exactly Nancy Neatness.  There may or may not be a number of empty water bottles rubbing shoulders on the floor of the back seat.
And since the car wash on the corner stopped running a few weeks ago, there's no telling how long Dirk would have been marred by white blobs.
But then....drumroll....I drove through a four-minute downpour today! Not long enough to eat up my time, but long enough to de-poo Dirk.
I am not going to draw any soul-parallels today, though I'm sure sin is the bird poo of our lives and of course Jesus is the Living Water (okay, just one). I'm just glad for a cleaner car!

Thank you, Jesus, for rain, and for Dirk. And for washing the poo off my soul.  All my love.

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