Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are we there yet?

I remember being a kid and sitting in the back seat of a rental car on vacation saying, "are we there yet" at really irritating intervals.
Payback is a...well, it's not nice.
I just got back from Oklahoma City via Fayetteville. This means me and Jellybean and the Buckster were on the road for over seven hours.  In the car, Buckley sleeps. This is great. Jellybean, on the other hand, meows at thirty minute intervals. This is so not great.
After the first four hours we made it to Fayetteville and while I went to a meeting, the boys had to go to a vet to board. They've never been boarded before. In fact, the last time they were at the vet they lost their fuzzy dice. So needless to say, they were not all about the vet when I dropped them off. As much as I explained that it was just for a few hours since they couldn't stay in the car, they didn't seem to get it. I think like most men, they have selective hearing.
Well, I went and did my thing and picked up the boys. They had a chance to stretch their legs, pee, and get some water, but they were not seeing this as a plus.
After I picked them up, we had another three hours to get home. Buckley went back to sleep and nary a peep escaped from Jellybean. I guess he was afraid of getting sent back to the vet.

So, after seven hours in the car, I'm thankful for the vet to board my pets, for the fear of the vet that kept Jellybean quiet for three hours, and for the wonderful feeling of finally getting home intact.  Thank you, Jesus, for the boys, and for quiet, and for parents who didn't take me to the vet when I wouldn't stop saying "are we there yet." All my love.

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  1. Not to be sappy but truth is, you were never a problem on a road trip. We'd hardly fastened you in before you fell asleep. Except the time your chewing gum fell out of your mouth and stuck your chin to your chest, that was a little tricky.