Friday, June 15, 2012


So, I got a 7/77 challenge from one of my writer friends, Jodie Bailey. This means you either write 7 things about yourself, or you post the 77th page of your current work in progress. And you're not allowed to give it a face lift before you post.  So here goes. It's not an easy challenge. It's a bit like sunbathing in the nude on your front porch. On a fat day.
 And, in reading it, I'm grateful the 77th page of my WIP was only a partial, and thus, shorter.

Melvin’s ears turned read. He lifted his cup and mumbled into it.
“Come again?”
Melvin plonked his cup down and yanked his wallet free. He dropped a few bills on the table, then stood.
Jude rose too. “Melvin?”
“A calendar, alright?”
“A calendar?”
Melvin hushed him. “A fireman’s calendar, you know. Wearin’ our helmets…strategically.”
“You mean—”Jude burst out laughing.
“Yes, so either find you a booster lady or get comfortable in your boxers.” Melvin trundled to the door without a backward glance.
Jude swallowed. It looked like he’d be making up with Della after all.


  1. That's awesome - you sure you didn't cheat? ;)

  2. haha, thanks, girl. Yep, no cheating here. Even now there's a few teaks I'd make :-)