Friday, June 8, 2012


This morning I have the windows open. It's not hot yet, so the slight shift of new air is cool, fresh.  When I first pulled the shades up, unlatched the locks and lifted the windows, my eyes caught on a tree coated in bright light. I still can't stop looking at it.
There's nothing unique about it. It's not blue or seven stories tall or sparkly. Its just brilliant in the simplicity of what a tree is made to be. Lime and kelly leaves froth over a blonde wood trunk that almost glows in the untainted sun.
Birds are singing, adding their vocal beauty to the scene. It is everyday, and it is extraordinary.
I'm afraid I spend so much of my life looking forward, striving, hoping for something unusual, that I miss the grandeur of a Friday with a cornflower sky, and a tree in the morning sun.
Thank you Lord, for beauty and that it is everywhere. That it is not rare or difficult to find or complex, and that is what makes it so stunning. Thank you for this world, for the glories I've seen and those I will see. Please never let me grow callous--no, let me grow uncallous--to all you have made here in this day, in this moment. Give me a soul for your beauty. Breathe on me, cool and fresh. Bless the tree.  All my love.

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