Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Feet

I know the good ol' days had a lot to boast, but I am glad that footwear science has come a long way since canvas sneakers (and that we don't have to walk uphill both ways through the snow anymore.)

I wonder why they're called sneakers? If you really want to sneak, Nikes, or even Converse, probably aren't your best option. I'd go with something that has a soft sole, like ballet shoes, or slippers.  For that matter, tennis shoe is only accurate when you buy the kinds for tennis.

These days, you don't just buy sneakers or tennies or whatever else you'd call 'em. Now you buy cross-trainers, trail runners, (insert ball of choice here) shoes, hiking shoes, walking shoes, track and field shoes, and of course the classic running shoes. And within running shoes there's a world of options in style, color, and brand.

I signed up for the Little Rock half marathon in March. So, on January 1 I figured I should start running again. The only problem was I couldn't find my shoes. After searching my closet three times in case they decided to magically appear, I realized I left them in OKC.

At Thanksgiving.

So, I went to the running store and the nice man helped me pick out some new kicks. (Again, who kicks things? What things are we to kick?) I admit that this is my first time paying retail for athletic...well, anything. But let me tell you, its worth it. When sister hasn't run for two months and has two months to get ready for 13.1 miles, every ounce counts. Unfortunately my gym frowns on running naked. So I'm grateful for my fancy new shoes that are engineered to be uber light and still support my feet.

I have no moral parallel today, just feet that don't hate me after three miles on the treadmill.