Monday, January 21, 2013

Let me count the ways.

Some people show love with poems, some with songs. Others show love in chocolates or notes or compliments.  And some people show love with mangoes and avocados.

My grandparents fall into this last category.  As the only vegan they know (pronounced vaygan, as in rhymes with pagan) they're never really sure what to do about food when I visit.  At first my grandpa would stock up on things like broccoli and strawberries and spinach, and his garden-fresh asparagus.  I ate the strawberries and asparagus. And then the next time I came there were a few avocados which I shamelessly monopolized, and then a mango showed up.

Now every time I come there are avocados, mangoes, and usually a Starbucks mug waiting. It always makes me go, "awww," inside, and through what turned out to be a very trying week, it was nice to have the simple reminders that there are people who love me.


  1. So you didn't eat the spinach and broccoli? Seriously, though aren't grandparents cool.

  2. I didn't, Jenny. I thought about it, though. Yes, grands are the best!