Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am officially a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas. And I feel like I imagine a salmon would if pulled from the crystalline waters of the Hood River and relocated to a swimming pool. There is nothing wrong with a swimming pool, but it does take some adjustment when your favorite rock isn't there and the current that rippled steadily through your days has been replaced by the motionless slosh of water with nowhere to go.
If I sound freaked, I am.
Which is why I'm so thankful for Dirk, my trusty Impala (who just got named ten seconds ago). Dirk has got it going on in the back end. His trunk is enormous. Which means, along with a few breakables and enough clothing to hold me until the movers come, I have with me now an aromatherapy oil burner, my pitiful movie collection, and enough books to keep me company through the initial shock. I also have my pillow, of course, one lamp with which to enjoy said books, wine glasses--also to be used in conjunction with the books--more shoes than anyone could wear in two weeks' time, and a few coffee mugs (again with the books, and in the morning, and when I just want something of mine close by).
If Dirk were one of those scrawny little things that get full with a tennis ball...I shudder to think what my initial days in this strange new land would look like. I might very well find myself putting East to reclaim my safe familiar life.
But not me and Dirk. We're bold adventurers on the hunt for new opportunities with our coffee mugs.
Um, so I guess in a small and material way, Dirk reminds me of God. God never runs out of the goods and He is with me always, even in the foreign environs of greater Little Rock. He has room for all my baggage and then some. And he has everything, EVERYTHING, I need, not just a trunkful. So, thank you God, for Dirk, and for books, and for being with me each mile of the way. You know I need you.

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  1. aww you can make it kimberly! i'm glad you brought the necessities though. how was the ride? when's the official first day?