Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Water, (or here in the South, Waw-dur)

So in the process of getting to know my new town, I decided I should check out the recreational opportunities in the area. I live about 15 minutes from a state park now, which means I'm going to be a hiker. How could I not?
I talked my dad into going with me.Nevermind the 100 degree heat. Humidity? Bah. I wanted to see the sights!
We each hefted a water bottle roughly the size of my bathtub, chose the East Quarry Trail and set off. By the time we reached the top of a peak and could see a wide swath of river cutting through the variegated green hills, my shirt was the same shade of deep red as my new Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt. Red is a much prettier color on a t-shirt than a face, but as long as the air, scalding thought it was, continued to flow in and out, I was satisfied.
The view was pretty even through the purple spots clouding my vision and flecks of sweat dotting my shades.
By the time we made it back (which seemed more uphill than it should have...) my water was down to a lukewarm dribble. Which made me more grateful for H2O than I have been in a very long time.
If not for that bottle I may very well still be sitting on a stump along the trail waiting for someone willing to throw me over their shoulder and haul me back. Nothing else sounded as good right then. Much as I love Diet Coke, it wouldn't have done. Milk? Ugh. That's just a nasty thought.
But water? Totally hit the spot.
Thank you, God, for water, for making the oceans and streams out of it instead of a less refreshing substance, and for the smart people who put it in really big bottles. All my love.

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