Monday, March 14, 2011


So, I hung out with some super fun 8th graders this weekend and learned more than I thought possible about Justin Bieber. I've heard the kid sing and yeah, he's got some serious talent. But it's more than that.
Music has a way of wending past our defenses, past logic, past the facade of who we think we are and what we think we want, and caressing our souls. It touches us in a way that words cannot. And as a certified lover of words, that's a powerful thought.
I love that it comes in a crazy variety.
I love how an old song, when heard afresh, is like rediscovering a favorite sweater, or the scent of warm cinnamon on a cold day. It awakens not mere memories, but the full depth of emotion attached to those. It can comfort like a favorite sweater, only it never gets holes.
I've written on this before, I think, but I was moved again today, when I heard a song that stirred in my core something I can't express. But I don't really need to, do I? We all have those pieces that wrap around the essence of who we are and shine.
Thank you, Lord, for music. What a genius creation! Amen.

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