Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peter Cottontail

Yesterday I met some girlfriends to go to a ladies' thing at church. The church wouldn't let them call it Happy Hour and no alcohol was involved, but still, there were tulips by the door and that escalating hum of conversation you get any time there are a lot of women in an enclosed space. So, I'm thinking, "yeah, a little sugar, song, some girly laughter, some Jesus amidst His posse. Sweet."
Um, I was wrong.
A wonderful woman came and shared her heart-breaking story and then the way she's fighting evil in the world as a result of Jesus redeeming her. It was a powerful story, but it absolutely shredded me and most of the audience.
So, I drove home doing that cry that makes your throat ache, and was like, "God, a little help, here." I needed a hand out of that dark place.
I parked Dirk the Blue Impala in my parking place, which was surprisingly still open. I tried to let that be enough. But still I was slumping.
Then I got out and started to walk to my apt. and something darted across my vision. A bunny rabbit.
I've never seen a bunny rabbit here before! It was gray with a white tail and it just chilled there on the lawn while I cooed at it in the universal look-at-that-cute-baby/animal/baby animal voice. Then it hopped off.
A bunny. A small blessing that darted directly into my path.
And yet more than that. A reminder of Easter. When Jesus, Lord of Heaven, came to earth and died, AND THEN ROSE again. He won. Good wins. It is more fragile than evil, perhaps, but it is pervasive, and it wins.
Thank you, Jesus, for bunnies, and parking spots, and most of all for not just dying on my cross, but rising again and winning. And thank you that you can defeat any darkness in the world. All my love.

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  1. Wonderful! I love God "presents." So happy you got one.