Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Banana Boat

There are many theories on what Heaven will be like. I personally subscribe to the New Earth theory, where things are similar but a thousand times better than Avatar. My job will be to write. And I'll spend my free time painting and dancing and singing (unless my new body isn't more graceful and ethereal, then I'll be a writing, fingerpainting, croaking spaz.)
But until then, the closest I've come to Heaven is the beach. I think when God was designing the intangible realms, a blob of magic fell onto the physical earth and became Amelia Island, Florida, where I lolled away the long weekend.
Mornings were spent in a screened porch facing a yard that resembled Disney's version of the jungle. Then we made our way to a sprawling white beach under the rising sun. Nothing beats the steady rhythm of the sea against the sand as a breeze buffets the heat from your skin. Give me a good book and an flip-over alarm every 30 minutes, and I'm set.
There is only one reminder that we are in fact in a fallen world. Sunburn.
But, as God would have it, there's a common grace for even that. Which is why I'm thankful for spf 30 sunblock. While I may not exactly be a golden goddess, I've avoided my typical impression of a stick of Big Red. Hallelujah!


  1. We were at the pool on Monday for about 3 hours with an SPF 50 and my shins look like a stick of Big Red!!! Not sure why or how but it's not enjoyable. Your description of sunburn being a stick of Big Red is the best I have heard!!! Keep writing!!! :)

  2. Oh, Donna! I'm thinking aloe thoughts for you.