Monday, May 23, 2011

Check out the stack on that one

Many women buy shoes when they need something new in their life. A new pair of peep-toes truly is a grand thing. The size is consistent even if you did have too much pizza the night before (sidenote: did you know you can order a pizza for delivery via the internet? I don't know if God takes credit for that modern marvel, but I'm, anyway...) and heels can make you feel taller, prettier, and as if your very soul is better.
However, due to my limited budget and closet space, this particular habit doesn't fit my life well. I tried dying my hair a few times, but this is a high-maintenance hobby, and, it turns out, really expensive when you try to right your wrongs. No, my impulse-purchase of choice is usually books. They're cheap, don't go out of season, and have yet to develop roots.
Over the past few months my book-buying has outpaced my book-consuming. Which means my To-Read stack is getting, um, pudgy. Big-booked. Literarily well-endowed. It's got a nice stack.
So you can see why I'm so glad that books don't expire. Every time I see the pile grow a pit of anxiety forms in my stomach, but I rebuke it. Stacks of all sizes are beautiful. God loves this stack just as it is. And each book will get it's turn to be read and loved for what it contains. I mean, it's what is inside that counts.
So, while my habit of book-buying may not be ideal, grace covers it like a bookjacket. Thank you, God, for books, and that the rate of decay for natural fiber-based materials is so slow.
All my love.

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