Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I love flowers. I love that they are brilliantly colored in shades that make Crayola jealous. I love the rich diversity of scent, from the intoxicating sweet of jasmine to the musk of lilies. I love that they're so diverse and yet share this quality of effortless extravagance that makes you kind of want to be a flower when you grow up.
I like seeing them along highways, and even the grocery store. I'm pretty sure if I ever make it to Holland I'll be tempted to buy some clogs and move into a windmill in a field of tulips.
And what I especially enjoy is when a bright assortment of flowers finds its way to my home and radiates all the color scent and beauty into my space.
There is something about having the glory of flowers picked just for you. Yes, the minute a flower joins a bouquet it's lifespan is limited.
But that's just it. If it is worthwhile to cut something so special just so I can have it near me, well... for a girl who, to be honest, has felt for quite a while like she has more in common with cabbage rose-covered wallpaper than an actual bloom, it has been a blessing to look at some flowers and know they were picked for my joy.
Today has also been a day composed of a bouquet of bright moments, rich in texture and diverse in participants.  Like flowers, they cannot last forever. And because of that they're all the more precious to me.
Thank you God for the richness you've blessed me with. For the flowers in my home and the bouquet of hearts that adorn my own. Thank you for moments that vary from simple to surprising that you have arranged into a memorable day. Thank you for the beauty in all its facets that you give me, just because you want me to have it.  You are most generous and most loved.  All my heart.